Wadi Beddah

Haraz, Yemen

Procesing station:

Varieties: Jadi
Altitude: 1800m
Processes: Natural
Cupping: 87

Common cupping notes:
Exotic flavour combination of Stewed Fruit, Ripe Berry and underlying Florals and some Hibiscus. The mouthfeel is syrupy and is supported by a sweet clean foundation.

Wadi Beddah is an area with very difficult and rugged terrain. Its altitude at 1800 meters above sea leve; and with an absence of metalled roads, the area is very remote and impassable for motor vehicles to cross for transport of goods or people.
The weather in the wadi is mild, temperatues fluctutea between 29C and 15C. Compared to to other coffee growing regions, it is considered to have a relatively warmer cliamte and as such we have adapted our processing techniques. The coffee from Wadi Beddah has been exposed to around 7 hours of daily sun light. This has helped create outstanding and differentiated profiles for this collective.