Wadi Al Mahjr

Al Hayma, Yemen

Procesing station:
Al Mahjr

Varieties: Udaini
Altitude: 22500m
Processes: Natural
Cupping: 91.75

Common cupping notes:
Intense Blueberry and Raspberry combined with underlying Violet Floral Notes. Sweet and very balanced, complex winney muted acitdity, more lactic in nature and works well with a creamy, almost yoghurt like mouthfeel. It has a long-lasting finish.

Within Al Mahjr Village is Wadi Al Mahjr, it is a valler located in one of the highest coffee growing areas in Yemen. High above the clouds, it sits at an altitude of 2250 meters above sea level. With its sun exposure of 7 hours and cooler night temperatures of aroung 6C, an ancient typica cultivar emerged to survie these harsh weather patterns. Farmers with Al Hayma region claim to have some of the oldest coffee trees in Yemen. This is yet to be scientifically verified but we do notice ancient typicas unique to this area which have been proven to translate into exquisite notes on the cup.
This lot is a carefully curated collection of cherries from various prime spec ific sites, owned by indiviudal farmers from within Wadi Al Mahjr and made up of three classic Yemeni cultivars of Udaini, Tufahi and Dwairi.