Thiriku Cooperative

Nyeri ,Kenya

Varieties: SL28
Altitude:1880 – 1970 m
Processes: Washed

Common cupping notes:

Black currant ,Black berry ,Strawberry

What the Thiriku coffee farmers receive

The farmers are to receive a standard Sh100 every season while Sh10 will be used as a cost to run operations in the factory. This amount will vary from time-based on the expenditure of the factory. We will also seek and guarantee cheap credit access for inputs and cherry advance when needed.

On the other hand, Thiriku farmers are expected to produce high-quality coffee and double farmers’ production by keenly following knowledge, skills, and experiences as directed by our local agronomist, Bernard Gichimu. This partnership is also aimed at ensuring the factory achieves a very high-quality cup with a score above 87/88 points while doubling its production in three years.

The Thiriku locals return to farming coffee

In the past, disappointed by the poor prices coffee was fetching, a majority of the farmers had started uprooting their coffee plantations and replacing them with other lucrative crops. But with our entry into the cooperative society and a promise of receiving Sh100 every season for their crop, farmers have started rehabilitating their farms and venturing back to coffee farming.
“We are appreciating this partnership because we have started seeing farmers get interested and returning to work on their farms,” added Mr. Paul Macharia. When word spread in the village where the factory is located, a lot more farmers have gotten interested in coffee farming.
According to Peter Ndirangu, the factory manager, farmers have started going back to their farms with the sole objective to produce quality coffee. “We have started receiving the early crop-this is harvested between April and July, and I can tell they are really working hard because of the size of berry we are receiving. They are bigger and denser,” he said.