Testi Adorsi

Procesing station:
Aricha,Testi Adorsi

Varieties: Heirloom
Altitude: 1950-2150m
Processes: Natural
Cupping: 88

Common cupping notes:
Long complex aftertaste, tat citric, slick mouthfeel, high sweetness, cacao, walnut, hornbeam, violet, strawberry finish.

Grown at an altitude between 1950-2150 metres above sea level, this lot is comprised of Ethiopian heirloom varietals including the local Karume varietal. The cooperatively grown lot is sourced from a large number of family owned garden plots and the regions soil is nitrogen rich and volcanic.

This lot has been processed at the Testi owned Adorsi washing station and is comprised of cherries delivered by over 900 smallholder farmers.

This coffee has been fully washed processed, with a total duration of wet fermentation between 24-36 hours before soaking in clean water for and additional 12-24 hours. The drying was undertaken using raised beds over the following 10-12 days.

You can expect to find notes of tropical fruit, guava and sweet lemon, with an excellent floral and clean finish. Expect a clean but distinct profile from this exceptional coffee with a distinct melon like sweetness.