Kambarare Estate

Kirinyaga ,Kenya

Varieties: SL34, SL28
Altitude:1700 – 1950 m.

Common cupping notes:

Black tea ,Juicy ,Nutty


Gerald Njagi

The Kambarare Estate

A shining example for Kenyan youths With Kenya’s coffee market in decline, Kambarare Estate stands as a beacon of hope. Gerald Njagi, a 28-year-old coffee farmer, is the producer who helms the small estate found on the slopes of Mount Kenya. He’s an anomaly because most farmers within Kiringyaga and the surrounding counties age 50+ or even 60+ and have no successors. This is because most youths who grow up within coffee-growing families move on to more profitable markets, like taxi driving. Although this is an ongoing trend, Gerald has hope for the future revival of coffee in his country. And he’s even keen to play a key role in promoting the industry, “I want to set standards for the Kenyan youths and show them unending possibilities in the coffee sector”, he says.