Ali Mohamed Abdullah

Region: Anis, Yemen

Procesing station:
Al Abara

Varieties: Udaini
Altitude: 1973m
Processes: Natural
Cupping: 88

Common cupping notes:
Reined flavours of Honey, Lemon Verbena and Citrus Fruit with underlying Floras adding further complexity. This is a delicate coffee of mediu intensity, clean in cup and it improves as cools. The mouthfeels is juicy.

Ali was a career military officer, yet since the advent of the current civil war, Ali chose to stay away from such a tragic conflict, returning to his village and working on his family’s farm. He has been farming his 15 libna coffee farm for around 8 years now. He supports 9 famile members.

Ali is active in the farming community and educates fellow farmers on best pre and post harvesting methods. In addition he is also very keen in learning about modern coffee drying methods and helps us pass that knowledge to other farmers.